I'm a Newspaper and Magazine Freelance Artist / Cartoonist, a  member of NCS, the National Cartoonist Society and SCCS, the Southern California Cartoonists Society... oh yeah, and I play the banjo... but please don't let that scare you away.  My CARTOON ART is a combination of Fine Art mixed with a humorous Cartoon Style I strive for my art cartoons to share my love of  RV Motorhome camping and outdoor recreation.  I hope that my cartoons are a one minute vacation, as you read them & enjoy more than just a funny joke & illustration.

Trained in college as a traditional artist and & print maker,
I love to draw & paint realistic details, & I also love cartoons, so the combination of them is natural. You are invited to enter my cartoon world & live within it for a few moments. Discover details that, to me, make the cartoon world feel as it becomes real.  I intend for my cartoons to be more than just  funny, they should cause you to take a few additional moments and enjoy the art itself, "walk" the  trails, enjoy the scenery, "stand" on a ridge and look across the cartoon valley... feel as if you're really camping & seated in a comfortable chair, under the RV motorhome awning, enjoying new friends while looking into the forest at nature.
No copying by any method is allowed or legal, in part or whole, for profit or non profit,  without prior written permission.
I used to create newspaper editorial cartoons about  issues which I mostly read about ...now, in a large sense,  I create editorial cartoons about what I experience while  camping  in our RV motorhome.  The cartoon illustrations  you're about to experience can be summarized in one line::
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